9. June 2020

Our quartet has since become a trio. Manayakaya Cayíron moved to his new family in Sotogrande two weeks ago. He remains in the neighborhood, so to speak, and has integrated very well with his new pack. In the future we will surely meet for the odd walk together. Our trio (Cupido, Chambala and Crush on you 'Chigani') keeps us on our toes, meanwhile we continue our daily socialization walks, car trips and the necessary visits to the vet. Everything is mastered with confidence and we also work on potty training. Mum Ambra still loves spending time with her puppies in the run while chewing bones together or playing wildly - sometimes I have to slow her down, but mom is always right in the middle! She also has her good figure back again and her teats have receded to the way she was before her pregnancy. Of course, she also gets her one-on-one walks and together we both enjoy our little time out from the kids ;-).

27. May 2020

We are so happy that all puppies - despite the Corona crisis - have found really great homes! The three boys (Manayakaya Cayiron, Manayakaya Crush on You and Manayakaya Cupido) will be moving to their new families within the next few weeks, and our little princess (Manayakaya Chambala) will stay here with us!


The puppies are now almost 10 weeks old and are bursting with energy !! In the meantime, our veterinarian was there - the four were microchipped and got their first vaccination. Although we are still within the state of alert now, the strict measures are slowly being relaxed. We are very happy about it, because right now, when socialization is just so important, we are now able to take the car and drive with the puppies to the pine forest. We already practiced walking on the leash at home in the garden. The puppies experienced their first steps into the big, wide world with amazement, curiosity and bravery. Ambra also gets her little perks, because since the puppies were born, we can now at last go for 'real' walks again (the restriction of walking within 50m radius from the house has been lifted!).

11. May 2020

The little Manayakayas continue to grow and thrive and are now 7 weeks old. They prefer to spend their time outside in the garden on the puppy playground and now also explore other areas of human life and have experiences with cars, washing machines, loud noises, various surfaces etc. We are lucky to be able to spend so much time with and around the puppies - especially the children are wonderful puppy nannies and lie on the blanket between the puppies during their resting periods.

Here are some visual impressions of the past weeks:

27. april 2020

The puppies now spend (weather permitting) most of their time outside in their puppy pen. During the night and when it rains the four little ridgebacks have their secured play area in our living room and they sleep in the litter box. Ambra is a very good mum, she is incredibly patient with the little rascals, although (for my personal taste) she puts up with too much from them and could be stricter. She still has plenty of milk and also the supplementary feeding is also going very well. No one has to go hungry here! 

20. April 2020

A lot has happened during the last weeks. The puppies brighten our days, warm our heart and make the strict rules of lockdown in Spain so much easier to take. Unfortunately, our internet connection during the day is hopeless as it is so oversaturated. Therefore, it is impossible for me to maintain my homepage the way I would like it to be. Often, there is no connection and if there is, it is so desperately slow that uploading any updates really is impossible. 

During the weekend we managed to organise the fencing for the puppy area. It has now been finished - the puppies and mum Ambra have explored and enjoy their new playground. The first proper meals have also been taken and tolerated without any problems nor stomach upsets - Ambra still has a big appetite and LOTS of milk. Here are some impressions from the puppies' fourth week of life: 

08. APril 2020

The puppies are growing so fast! Every day we can see the changes. Meanwhile, they have opened their eyes and started to hear. They are exploring the litter box and have started to interact and play with Momma Ambra and their siblings. We can hear growling and little barks frequently now - although they still spend most of their time sleeping and drinking milk.

Here are some pictures from our 'four C fatties' during their 2nd week of life:

29. march 2020

Our lucky four are now 9 days old and are growing and thriving. After their first week of life all of the pups were able to more than double their birthweight. Ambra's milk bar is always filled, so no one needs to go hungry. The resting periods between feeds now also become longer and we are getting more into a routine again. I even managed to persuade Ambra to go out for a short walk - a nice change for both of us during these difficult times of lockdown. Please, stay home, safe and healthy everyone...

Here are some impressions from our C-litter during their 1st week of life:

21. March 2020


During the night from 20th to 21st of March Ambra gave birth to 3 healthy males and 1 female (sadly, there were also 3 little angels who did not make it into this world...). We are all still recovering from a long night and a lack of sleep. Mummy Ambra is doing a fantastic job - pups and her are doing all great!

More news and pictures to follow soon!!! 

6. March 2020

We are happy and excited to announce our upcoming C-Litter which is expected to arrive around 24.March 2020!!

Ambra is doing very well, her waistline has disappeared and she demands her three meals a day now ;-)!

If you are interested in a puppy from this combination, please contact me.

21. February 2020





Ambra's pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound this morning!!

We are over the moon and are happy to announce that we are expecting our C- litter in about a month's time!

6. January 2020

The C-litter adventure has started - Ambra is on heat!

More news to follow shortly.

15. November 2019

We are waiting ...

Before things are getting busy and serious, we are glad to confirm that Ambra is perfectly healthy!

The results of this week's blood test are without any findings and the results for all Mediterranean diseases are negative!

29. October 2019

We are very excited to announce that we are planning our C-litter for the beginning of 2020!

Further information will follow nearer the time. 

22. July 2019




Ambra's official (AVEPA) hip and elbow x-ray results have arrived!


Hips - HD - grade A (free)

Elbows - ED - 0 (free)


I am very happy :-)!