29. march 2020

Our lucky four are now 9 days old and are growing and thriving. After their first week of life all of the pups were able to more than double their birthweight. Ambra's milk bar is always filled, so no one needs to go hungry. The resting periods between feeds now also become longer and we are getting more into a routine again. I even managed to persuade Ambra to go out for a short walk - a nice change for both of us during these difficult times of lockdown. Please, stay home, safe and healthy everyone...

Here are some impressions from our C-litter during their 1st week of life:

21. March 2020


During the night from 20th to 21st of March Ambra gave birth to 3 healthy males and 1 female (sadly, there were also 3 little angels who did not make it into this world...). We are all still recovering from a long night and a lack of sleep. Mummy Ambra is doing a fantastic job - pups and her are doing all great!

More news and pictures to follow soon!!! 

6. March 2020

We are happy and excited to announce our upcoming C-Litter which is expected to arrive around 24.March 2020!!

Ambra is doing very well, her waistline has disappeared and she demands her three meals a day now ;-)!

If you are interested in a puppy from this combination, please contact me.

21. February 2020





Ambra's pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound this morning!!

We are over the moon and are happy to announce that we are expecting our C- litter in about a month's time!

6. January 2020

The C-litter adventure has started - Ambra is on heat!

More news to follow shortly.

15. November 2019

We are waiting ...

Before things are getting busy and serious, we are glad to confirm that Ambra is perfectly healthy!

The results of this week's blood test are without any findings and the results for all Mediterranean diseases are negative!

29. October 2019

We are very excited to announce that we are planning our C-litter for the beginning of 2020!

Further information will follow nearer the time. 

22. July 2019




Ambra's official (AVEPA) hip and elbow x-ray results have arrived!


Hips - HD - grade A (free)

Elbows - ED - 0 (free)


I am very happy :-)!