!! D-Litter 01. August 2023 !!

Thank you, dear Tanya, for this wonderful presentation of our Dreamcatcher litter! 

A BIG kiss to daddy Hummer, who must be very proud of his amazing babies here in Spain!


our little dreamcatchers (Hummer x Chambala) are here!!

In the night from July 31st to August 1st 2023, Chambala gave birth to 13 beautiful puppies (unfortunately, there were also 2 little angels didn't make it...).

We are happy about 9 males (4 livernose) and 4 females (2 livernose), all have a ridge with very little white.

We are so proud of our incredible Chambala, who mastered the long, strenuous birth so bravely and confidently. She takes her new role as a mother very seriously and cares for her newborn puppies with lots of love and dedication. Mum and her pups are healthy and are doing well!


 With this litter a dream has come true!!

Not only because of this, this litter shall be named DREAMCATCHER, but specifically in honor of Dante, Chambala's unique father, without whom Chambala would not exist and never have come into my life.

I say THANK YOU, dear Alex, simply and most of all for everything!!

Now it's time for all of us to catch up on sleep, rest and enjoy! More news and pictures shortly...

It is very important to me to get to know my future puppy owners in advance.

So please contact me in good time if you are interested in a Manayakaya puppy.

I look forward to your message!

The Parents


Manayakaya Chambala (ES)

Dam: Hidaya Bella AMBRA (Imp. NL)

Sire: Shavano's One and Only Dreamcatcher (Imp. NO)

Breed registry number:  LOE2509856

Date of birth:  20.03.2020

Shoulder height: 67 cm

Breeder & Owner: Dr. Gesina Köppen-Schomerus (Spain)


Dentition: full and complete scissor bite

HD: A (free)

ED: 0 (free)

JME: non carrier (by parentage)

Blue-dilute: non carrier (by parentage)



IntCH, MultiCH (C.I.B)

Red Hot Line X-Factor Hummer (UA)

Dam: Dikaya Staya Theoris (UA)

Sire: Red Hot Line O'Douglas (UA)

Breed registry number: UKU0394470

Date of birth:  11.05.2018

Shoulder height: 69 cm

Breeders: Tatiana Volkova & Tatiana Garkusha (Ukraine)

Owner: Tatiana Garkusha

Dentition: full, complete scissor bite


ED: 0 (free)

JME: non-carrier

DM: non-carrier

B-Locus: b/b (livernose)

D-Locus: D/D