In Memoriam


11.11.2004 - 24.09.2016

Kianga came to us directly from South Africa in 2005. She was a wonderful companion. I could always rely on her. As the foundation bitch of my kennel, she gave birth to our A-litter in 2007 and our B-litter in 2009. She was a soul of dog and my One and Only. She will always have a big place in my heart.

I miss her every single day.


29.06.2007 - 26.11.2018

Ayala was Kiangas firstborn daughter and it was clear from the very first moment that she'll stay with us. She was a substantial, impressive bitch with a stunning movement and a balanced character. She was always very close to her mother and, after her death, was a wonderful nanny for Ambra, who moved in with us in early 2017. Since Ayala was tested positive for Neospora Caninum, it was out of the question for me to continue breeding with her. She leaves behind a huge gap. I was the first one to hold her in my hands when she came into this world and the last one to hold her close in my arms when she left - I miss my brave, special girl so very much...


08.06.2003 - 09.01.2016

Amani was my first ridgeback and he came to us from Germany in 2003. He transformed himself from a lively bundle of joy to a sporty and faithful companion. Things were not always easy, but together we mastered the hurdles and challenges that confronted us. Amani was a big, funny clown, and at the same time my ever-watchful protector who instinctively reacted when it really mattered. I miss him a lot and I will never forget my first Ridgeback, who has taught me so much about this amazing breed.