Manayakaya CHAMBALA


Dam: Hidaya Bella AMBRA (Imp. NL)

Sire: Shavano's One and Only Dreamcatcher DANTE (Imp. NO)

Breed registry number:  LOE2509856

Date of birth:  20.03.2020

Shoulder height: 67 cm

Breeder & Owner: Dr. Gesina Köppen-Schomerus (Spain)


Dentition: full and complete scissor bite

HD: A (free)

ED: 0 (free)

JME: non carrier (by parentage)

Blue-dilute: non carrier (by parentage)


Chambala is the only female from our C-litter and she was born in spring 2020, just at the beginning of the Corona pandemic - one week after the lockdown! As it also happened with Ayala (in memoriam), Chambala's birth was a magical moment for me: when she fell into my hands I knew immediately knew it - She's the One! She will stay with us! She was the first of the famous four to open her eyes and she looked straight at me. This direct eye contact still remains today - Chambala looks you directly in the eye and by that often also into your heart
During her turbulent youth we had to face some difficult moments which taught us a great deal about each other. We learned a lot about ourselves: I now know to deal with some situations and that I can rely on Chambala. Also, we have started mantrailing, which gives us a lot of pleasure and we definitely want to continue with this.


Chambala is fun, cuddly, an alert, lovable family dog. She is vigilant and she never barks without a reason. She is also my permanent shadow, my bodyguard, my soul dog, everywhere and always right by my side. Chambala is  a one in a million, once in a lifetime dog  and I love her to bits!