Puppy Raising

My dogs live constantly with me in the house. They can move around freely and can go wherever they please. My dogs have never been kenneled - they only know life as perfectly integrated family members. We enjoy long walks at the beach, the pine tree forests as well as other places. 

My aim is to breed healthy, active Rhodesian Ridgebacks with a sound temperament and an attractive appearance.

The puppies are born in the living room, which is the heart of our house. This room forms the central point of our daily life during the entire time the puppies live inside the house. By being right at "where it all happens" the Ridgeback babies experience a multitude of everyday routines and household noises (e.g. door bell, telephone, TV, music etc.). The conditioning of the puppies during this early stage of socialization to humans and their environment forms an invaluable foundation for a happy relationship between dog and owner.

As soon as the puppies are able to leave their nesting box (at approx. four weeks of age), they are made familiar with the outside world. They now have the possibility to roam around and explore our large garden. Between the fourth and fifth week of life, the mother and her puppies move into their house in the garden. This is where they now sleep and from where they have free access to the outside. A large part of our garden is closed off as a puppy enclosure and playground. Here the Ridgeback babies can run around, discover and play at their heart's content.

During this important period, it is vital to nurture the puppies' physical and mental abilities; I try to bring the puppies in contact with everything modern life has to offer. The Ridgeback pups are now also learning that other animals - apart from themselves - also exist in this world (e.g. cats, chickens, other dogs…). We now also welcome visitors on a daily basis and the puppies can meet and interact with people of all ages, shapes and sizes.  Ever changing environmental challenges (without excessive demands) resemble the basis for a strong start into the wide, open world.

B.A.R.F. - Bones & raw food

Just as my adult dogs, my puppies are fed on a natural, balanced diet (the Bones & Raw Food Diet B.A.R.F after the Australian veterinarian Dr. Ian Billinghurst). The pups only receive freshly prepared food that has been composed age-appropriately: Fresh meat, bones, fruit & vegetables, eggs as well as compatibly prepared grain.

Veterinary health check-ups, regular deworming and appropriate vaccinations are a matter of course and actually require no special mention.

A 'Manayakaya' puppy...

Planning a litter means a great amount of personal responsibility and commitment to me. It is a passion and I invest a lot of love, effort and time. Before planning a litter, I carefully search for and select a suitable sire. Also, I have to make sure that I can provide the best conditions to raise and socialize the puppies.


If you are interested in a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy from me, please contact me early so I can include you in my planning.


You as a prospective puppy owner are certainly interested in trying to find the best breeder for you. Likewise, I am also looking to find the best possible "new parents/families" for my puppies and I reserve the right to select them according to my personal criteria.

I would like to get to know you (and your family) in advance, in order to be able to match up the right dog with you. Therefore, please do understand that I ask every person who is interested in a puppy from me questions. I would like to get to know peoples' motives as to why they want a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Many dogs are bought out of a mood, "we want a dog and it has to be now". This is a bad motivation and no conscientious breeder would give a puppy to someone under these conditions! If one can not wait for a few weeks for their puppy, they will give it up just as quickly!

It is also important for me to know what will become of the dog later on. If someone is looking for a laid back, relaxed companion, I would certainly not offer him/her the liveliest puppy out of the litter. Likewise, if someone wants an active, sporty dog I would not match him/her up with the quietest pup of a litter. If children are in the house or if someone is a first time dog owner, he will not receive the most dominant puppy. In order to make a good decision, it is important to have some knowledge about the puppies as well as of the future puppy owners!


With completion of the eighth week of life (at the very earliest) the pups start moving to their new homes. My kennel MANAYAKAYA was registered in 2006 by the RSCE/ FCI, so, as a matter of course, each puppy will receive an internationally recognized RSCE /FCI pedigree. Before they leave, all puppies will be microchipped, are vaccinated, have been dewormed several times and  are health checked by a veterinarian. Each puppy also gets its EU pet passport / vaccination certificate, as well as further details such as information about the litter, literature with feeding guides, etc.


As a breeder, the further development of my offspring is of prime importance to me. Therefore, I wish that my puppy owners will have the willingness to keep in touch with me and keep me posted on the development of their dog. Likewise, of course, I can offer life-long support to my puppies and I am there for the owners to provide help and advice if needed.